About Us

Our Cluster is a gathering of connected companies, specialized suppliers, service units, and companies operating in related fields. The network consists of companies which compete, but also cooperate with one another. As shown by the experience of many countries, creating clusters is the most efficient way of developing the competitiveness of enterprises. Contemporary market economy sees the collaboration of companies from one or several related fields as leading to the lowering of production costs, the presence of technology transfer, an increase in employment, and in effect an improvement in the quality of life for communities living in the area in which the Cluster operates. It also counterpoises huge corporations and concerns.

The Eastern Casting Cluster KOM-CAST was created on 16 March 2011 by an initiative group comprised of:

  • the Association of the Producers of Casting Components KOM-CAST;
  • Polish Foundries, PLC in Starachowice;
  • The Ignacy Łukasiewicz Rzeszów Technical University in Rzeszów;
  • The Metallurgical Plant “WSK Rzeszów”, PLC in Rzeszów;
  • Die-casting Foundry META-ZEL, Ltd in Wola Cicha in the vicinity of Rzeszów;
  • Hüttenes-Albertus Poland, Ltd in Lublin;
  • OP HANDEL Ltd in Starachowice;
  • Ryszard Podkański, the Production-and-Sales Company PROMEN in Rzeszów.

The Eastern Casting Cluster KOM-CAST gathers companies related to the casting industry and covers the area of three voivodeships in Eastern Poland, i.e. the Podkarpackie voivodeship, the Lubelskie voivodeship, and the Świętokrzyskie voivodeship.
KOM-CAST relates to and is born out of the interwar traditions of the Central Industry District and the financial and human resources formed in its operation area. The production potential amassed in the Cluster’s operation area is PLN 2500 million of annual export worth, which comprises 30% of export done by the casting industry of the entire country. The total value of casting production conducted within the Cluster’s operation area amounts to PLN 4530 million.
 The main objective of the Eastern Casting Cluster KOM-CAST is to increase the competitiveness of the enterprises in the casting field in Eastern Poland through the creation of a permanent cooperation platform among companies and regions in Eastern Poland.
 The main objective is carried out through the completion of partial goals:

  • creating organizational and financial conditions which enable the operating of the Cluster;
  • strengthening the cooperation and collaboration among the entities of the Cluster with the aim of raising the level of innovation of the sector;
  • releasing a significant innovation potential of the Cluster by commissioning research-and-development work to one of the Cluster members and implementing the results in enterprises.
  • improving the quality parameters of the products in offer and streamlining production processes;
  • starting and maintaining cooperation with partners from the homeland and from abroad, including business partners, other Clusters, and research-and-development units;
  • gathering in the Cluster members as many as possible enterprises which operate within the field, business support institutions and research units; the Cluster is meant to develop through accepting many new companies;
  • promoting Eastern Poland as Poland’s most efficient casting region;
  • increasing the recognizability of the “KOM-CAST” brand, a synonym to casting components of the highest quality.

The Cluster’s strategy is based on the rule of 3 W’s (in Polish: Wyrób – Produce, Wiedza – Knowledge, and Współpraca – Cooperation).
Wyrób – Produce: on the basis of cooperation among the Cluster’s members, we offer a common, highly-processed product (i.e. casting that has undergone mechanical, heat, and spatial processing – a half-finished product ready for the assembly line). The product is of high quality, labor-intensive, and of a high added-value and it can easily compete with that offered by well-developed countries of the European Union. However, it is also produced in short series in extremely close technical cooperation with the client, thus being an opposition to the cheap casting import from China.
Wiedza – Knowledge: access to knowledge, cooperation with academic units, shared projects, training, expert consulting – all of this enables achieving innovative technologies and creating the opportunities for EU subsidies for on-going development of the companies forming part of the Cluster.
Współpraca – Cooperation: The Cluster gathers enterprises which share a common objective, i.e. on-going development and aiding one another in the realization of development projects. Together we present the client with the following offer:

  • designing, also together with the client;
  • industrial research;
  • creating tools;
  • access to better materials and tools, as well as their improvement;
  • producing castings from a wide range of materials, from non-ferrous metals to alloys;
  • mechanical processing, heat processing, spatial processing;
  • partial assembly.

Within the Cluster, we conduct common promotion and together we aim at the leading position in the market.

The Eastern Casting Cluster offers its members:

  • supporting and promoting their business activity;
  • consulting service in the scope of innovation technologies for producing casting components;
  • carrying out research-and-development activities and implementing their results;
  • making the Cluster portal available, together with an internal system for sharing information;
  • organizing seminars;
  • organizing foreign economy missions;
  • assistance in applying for EU subsidies;
  • lobbying for the field;
  • legal consulting and protection of interests.

We would also like to encourage the interest of potential clients with a broad range of demands in the scope of:

  • castings from a variety of materials (cast iron, cast steel, non-ferrous metal alloys), maximally processed casting, i.e. having undergone mechanical and heat processing;
  • casting assembled into ready subgroups – elements for the assembly lines;
  • common work on designing constructions in order to minimize production costs and increasing the quality of the produce.

On 18 April 2012 the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development signed an agreement on subsidizing the “Eastern Casting Cluster KOM-CAST” project within the Operational Program for the Development of Eastern Poland, 2007-2013.
The total value of the project is PLN 3,005,424.40.
The level of subsidies from the European Regional Development Fund is PLN 2,299,149.66.
The Project will be carried out within the time frame of 2012-2015.

All those interested in the development of the casting sector in Eastern Poland are welcome to join our cooperative network, especially enterprises within the casting sector, the suppliers of components to foundries, cooperants, companies which deal in cast processing, academic and research institutions, as well as business support institutions.

Membership declaration forms may be downloaded from the website: www.kom-cast.pl or received at the Cluster premises.
Additional information may be acquired by phone: +48 17 743 24 25.

KOM-CAST Members